A Nation Of Too Many Laws

Too Many Laws

Too Many Laws

 Too Many Laws Equals Too Little Freedom

Too many laws will turn law abiding citizens unknowingly into criminals. If the day is not here now it soon will be when you can’t walk out your front door without breaking a law.

http://www.heritage.org/research/commentary/2010/05/too-many-laws-turn-innocents-into-criminals           We are making and enforcing far too many criminal laws that create traps for the innocent but unwary, and threaten to turn otherwise respectable, law-abiding citizens into criminals. Consider a few examplesRead more …

The dilemma becomes one that empowers law officials with an enormous  ability to detain you. The reasons to detain you become more trivial opening the door to search and seizure.

Every new law removes another freedom. No one says it better than Frederick Bastiat. Published in 1850 it’s not more than a pamphlet but so full of good stuff about freedom and liberty. After reading you have to admit he must have known our day.

This obscure French pamphlet from 1850 predicted today’s America  http://waronwrong.blogspot.com  Tue, 14 Jan 2014 19:07:30 GMT

This obscure French pamphlet from 1850 predicted today’s America | TheBlaze.com. ”But when the law, by means of its necessary agent, force, imposes upon men a regulation of labor, a method or a subject of education, a religious faith or …  Read more …

Get involved in your local community. Your greatest power, our greatest power comes from working at the local level.





What Is The Second Amendment

What Is The 2nd Amendment

What Is The Second Amendment

What Is The Second Amendment

What Is The 2nd Amendment To You?

To some the 2nd amendment has no meaning. Little resemblance is made between individual rights and gun ownership if your sort of the timid type in respect to guns. In fact, if your one of those timid types then you’re likely to approve of more gun laws.
Manuel Martinez is not a timid type. Quite the opposite as he testifies……….


Finding a more passionate person to explain how we’re loosing our freedom would be tough.


Tea party supporters urge county to oppose UN‘s Agenda 21 and gun control – Ocala.com

http://www.ocala.com/Mar 19

Web Search by Yahoo. Local tea party enthusiasts on Tuesday encouraged the Marion County Commission to voice opposition to two of the activists’ pet peeves: the United Nations’ Agenda 21 and gun control.



Agenda 21 WATCH OUT…UN General Assembly Passes Global Gun Control http://t.co/gsrUHSiZ0R via @BreitbartNews

Tuesday, April 02, 2013 12:40:39 PM



After Gun Control, What’s Next, Knife Control? : Freedom Outpost: http://t.co/LMiIuYzUig “Oppression and control. Perhaps UN Agenda 21.

Thursday, April 04, 2013 7:06:57 PM

Teach your family the importance of gun ownership and gun safety. A handgun boot camp would give your family and even yourself if your inclined a firm grip on what gun to choose, gun safety, gun parts, tips and tricks.

Agenda  21 Summary

Agenda 21 Summary

Agenda 21 Summary, Free Markets vs Government ControlAgenda  21 Summary

Agenda 21 Summary

This video shows a short introduction to the implication of the the UN’s Agenda 21. What people think about sustainability is completely different form the i…

Free market vs government control. According to this article in Wikipedia the free market will result in the extinction of goods while global governance will have the wisdom and supreme knowledge to control (us) the distribution and provide sustainability.

Environmental governance

http://www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Environmental governance

Agenda 21 … html Launay, Claire, Mouriès, Thomas, Les différentes catégories de biens , summary and excerpt from Pierre Calame’s book, La …

Agenda 21 Summary


This file contains three documents:

–Press Summary of Agenda 21

–Congress Statement: “The Rio Declaration”

–Press Release: “Rio Two Years On–a Strong Reaction”

Take some kind of action, get prepared. Good intentions are nothing without action. The road to hell (or living under Agenda 21) is paved with good intentions.

Agenda 21 Depopulation

Agenda 21 Depopulation To Preserve Mother Earth

Agenda 21 depopulation in whatever form has some ominous ramifications. Depopulation can be accomplished in several ways. Some less frightening than others.  The goal of Agenda 21 is to control the populace.  Along with closing roads in public lands exists the theory that Mother Earth is not to be scratched, then relocating the masses to urban areas in a stack em and pack em form adopted by urban planners would accomplish the depopulation of rural America and preserve the Earth.

Agenda 21 Depopulation

Agenda 21 Depopulation Does Not Equal Freedom

It’s been asked how can the goals of Agenda 21 be accomplished? The answer was to steal a generation of children. Lie to them in other words:

The Application of Agenda 21 in America – Using Judo Against the Globalists – Dave Hodges …

http://www.thecommonsenseshow.com/Feb 22

Margaret Peterson Haddix has emerged on the child book scene as an author who exposes heinous themes of the globalists and their draconian depopulation strategies such as the one child policy.

It’s nearly impossible to prove who is right. Our only defense is to study it our in our minds, be prayerful, and wake up our neighbors. Become alert to what is happening in our communities. Get prepared as a family first then as a  community.

A British public speaker, Christopher Walter Monckton has made quite an impact because of his views on climate change stating that it’s a scam to depopulate the nation:

Lord Monckton warns of Agenda 21 – Newcastle Herald


Lord Monckton warns of Agenda 21Newcastle HeraldLord Monckton told those present he believed global warming was a scam to keep the focus away from Agenda 21; a United Nations action plan which he says aims to depopulate the nation, impose a world gov …

Right along side of depopulation of rural areas is the belief that current world populations are not sustainable. Current world population is near seven billion and has been increasing continuously since the great famine of 1350.  So depopulation can be accomplished through relocating the masses from rural to urban areas or reducing populations through maybe death panels. Rumors flew that death panels would be in Obama Care.  But no such thing could be found. But, then we were reminded:

Mike Huckabee: ‘Death Panels‘ Will Grow From Stimulus-Planted


In his recently released book, Mike Huckabee invokes “death panels” — a now-infamous and debunked attack first made by former Alaska governor Sarah Palin in 2009 in criticizing proposed health care reform legislation.

Just how will the rising population be controlled? Who is making the decision? Originally formed in 1990 and known as International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives or ICLEI it has morphed it’s name to ICLEILocal Governments for Sustainability. With the membership of ICLEI growing city by city we now have a global organization run by a committee formed by members from around the world setting policies for sustainability to our local governments.

This cannot be a good formula for freedom. Like a bad virus, ICLEA is in your local government. Some have noticed, shut the door and sought a cure. Others have welcomed the seemingly wonderful aspects of sustainability, environmental education, and the green movement that are locking up our natural resources and make us more dependent on others.