A Nation Of Too Many Laws

 Too Many Laws Equals Too Little Freedom Too many laws will turn law abiding citizens unknowingly into criminals. If the day is not here now it soon will be when you can’t walk out ...

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Restore The Republic

Heed The Call

          If you live in the United States of America you live in  a republic not a democracy. Begin now to take action,  Heed the Call  and compare the differences ...

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What Is The 2nd Amendment

What Is The Second Amendment

What Is The 2nd Amendment To You? To some the 2nd amendment has no meaning. Little resemblance is made between individual rights and gun ownership if your sort of the timid type in respect ...

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Agenda 21 Summary

Agenda  21 Summary

Agenda 21 Summary, Free Markets vs Government Control Agenda 21 Summary This video shows a short introduction to the implication of the the UN’s Agenda 21. What people think about sustainability is completely different ...

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Agenda 21 Depopulation

Agenda 21 Depopulation To Preserve Mother Earth Agenda 21 depopulation in whatever form has some ominous ramifications. Depopulation can be accomplished in several ways. Some less frightening than others.  The goal of Agenda 21 ...

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