Democrats Against Agenda 21

Why Are Some Democrats Against Agenda 21?

Democrats Against Agenda 21Democrates Against Agenda 21

Let’s begin with the fact that Agenda 21 does not have a political party. True that it seems to follow the more liberal thinkers, but democrats and republicans alike have taken the hook, line, and sinker.

Agenda 21 is the worlds largest guilt trip.  Who wouldn’t want a beautiful green planet, void of disease and no poor among us?

Their are a few people who stand out in pronouncing the agenda as one of the biggest scams ever perpetrated.

Rosa Koire is a proclaimed liberal and author of Behind The Green Mask: U.N. Agenda 21. Rosa says “Sounds like science fiction…or some conspiracy theory…but it isn’t.”BEHIND THE GREEN MASK: U.N. Agenda 21 with Rosa Koire 1/4



Rosa koire lays out agenda 21 scam in easy to understand terms a must watch for all americans.

Agenda 21 reduces individual prosperity, personal freedom – Bangor Daily News

Agenda 21 reduces individual prosperity, personal freedomBangor Daily NewsUN Agenda 21 is a worldwide action plan to implement “sustainable development.” Rosa Koire, author of “Behind the Green Mask” and founder of Democrats Against Agenda 21, descri …

To love freedom and liberty would be to shun the U.N. Agenda 21. Those who thought conspiracies were something in books or in the movies are waking up to the devisiveness of the non-American commitee members within the United Nations determining policy which has been accepted by leaders within our own government.

Consider your property rights as a U.S. citizen. Consider your freedom and liberty in what is becoming a largely Agenda 21 driven country.


Environmental Education

Environmental Education Brought To You By Agenda 21

Environmental EducationOutdoor School, Environmental Education At It’s Best

For years I sensed something adversarial to my nature about education, especially environmental education and the training my children received in our public schools.

How well I remember this story. I’ve retold it so many times that it hasn’t faded over the years. Little did I know that the source of my adversarial feelings were associated with Agenda 21.

My now 30 year old son was in the sixth grade at a Vancouver Washington middle school. Outdoor school was soon coming and the plan was to stay a couple of nights at Skyliner Lodge just southwest of Bend on the way to Mt Bachelor. In anticipation of writing this post I asked my now 30 year old son what he remembered about the trip. He recalled being so excited to travel to central Oregon for an educational opportunity at Skyliner Lodge .

The trip would include two bus loads of sixth graders and several what seemed to be college students assigned to the group by OMSI for the most updated instruction in the out of doors. My now 30 year old sons mom and dad followed the group as chaperones.

The 150 mile trip made a rest stop at Smith Rocks State Park, not far from Terrebonne, Oregon. Everyone got to stretch and blow of some steam. I watched as the kids interacted and took in the majestics of the steep rocks and the Crooked River as it flowed between us and the Smith Rocks.

One of the boys was entertaining himself by throwing a few rocks into the Crooked River. That’s when the strangeness began.

An OMSI person, for lack of a better name, quickly scolded the youth for throwing the rocks by saying ” do you know what happens when you throw that rock into the water?. Now that question wasn’t leading down the path of the usual reasons why someone would tell you to stop throwing rocks.

For Students To Conform To The New Environmental Education You Need To Lie To Them

I had to laugh at the kids response to what he thought happened when the rock hit the water. He said “it makes a splash!” Boy was he wrong. I’m surprised she didn’t pull out the handcuffs. He was told he had just killed millions of micro organisms. You should have seen the puzzled look on the boys face.

He’d never even seen a real micro organism and now he’s a mass executioner. He could write a book about How Do You Kill 11 Million Micro Organisms.

Now back in the buses we headed to our environmental education summit and to the lodge where it gets better. Or should I say worse?

What a beautiful location. It was the perfect atmosphere for a good time. The perfect place for lessons on environmental education. We played games and took hikes. On one of the hikes we were walking down a gently sloped access road with a group of about 15 kids and an OMSI person. The weather was great. The kids were joking and enjoying each other. You know, kicking stones and making memories.

Environmental Education Teaches You How Natural Resources Are Preserved

But we got a lesson on kicking stones. You see, there was this rock on the edge of this access road, slightly buried in the dirt. Someone, we’ll never know who, overturned the rock so it kind of laid on the road. The OMSI person somehow saw through 30 legs walking down the road that another giant mishap had occurred.

“Who moved that rock” she blurted. Not a single volunteer came forth. “OK we’re not going anywhere until someone puts that rock back” was the next order. The group was silent. No confessions coming out of their lips. This was going on and on, the gestapo was loosing her grip. Finally a non guilty person put the rock back into it’s original holder (that’s another debate) and the walk continued on down the gentle slope. Our environmental education was coming to a close.

Never again could we enter the out of doors and enjoy the sheer God given beauty that we have been given. The fear of destroying our surroundings was exaggerated by our purveyors of environmental education.






Agenda 21 Map

Agenda 21 Map

     This Agenda 21 Map

         Should Make You See Red

Click On This Agenda 21 Map To See A Larger Image

It’s not about this Agenda 21 map being part of any conspiracy. It’s about our awareness. As U.S. citizens, we should be concerned about who is building this agenda. It’s on a global scale and it ultimately affects us all.

If what’s shown here doesn’t alarm you then just remain in your normal “I can’t do anything about it anyway” mode. But it should concern us, and we need to do something. Now, before it’s too late.

Have you ever heard the following terms used by your local or state government: Sustainable development? Smart growth? How about Depopulation or Sustainable education?

Our government at the local level is not coming up with these terms. Local governments don’t have the budget, nor are they good enough wordsmiths to create terms like sustainable development. Millions of dollars have been spent to create words that play upon your natural desire to do the right thing.

You may have heard these terms, but when you heard them did you link them to The United Nations Agenda 21?

Just take a minute and examine what’s written on the map. Consider the words and phrases that are being used. Now click on the image to enlarge.

YouTube Preview ImageWatch The Video And Then Look At This Agenda 21 Map

On The Legend of The Agenda 21 Map Red Means Restricted

So what’s on the map? The first bold sentence says it’s a Simulated Reserve and Corridor System. Notice the red square near the bottom left. The red on the map is labeled Core Reserves and Corridors followed by Little to no human use. This land is your land, this land is my land, hell. Have fun getting to the gulf stream waters. This is a plan to be completed in the 21st century. Not only is it in progress, but we are approaching the tipping point.

If you’re inclined to be told what to do and where to go, then you should like this next phrase; As Mandated by the Convention on Biological Diversity.  Keep in mind these terms are marketing terms used to sell. You’re inclined to think that because they sound warm and fuzzy that if you reject the idea you would not be doing your moral duty to take care of the Earth. Don’t be fooled! Biodiversity has to do with the health of ecosystems.

Of course we all want to have a healthy ecosystem. But, do we all want The United Nations mandating to the United States, a sovereign country, what we can or cannot do? How does a country lose it’s sovereignty? Our country has been slowly losing it’s sovereign status by allowing politicians such as George W Bush and Bill Clinton to make agreements with the U.N. that have weakened our national sovereignty. Many agreements like those contained in the United Nations Agenda 21.

The Agenda 21 Map is a map of The Wetlands Project

Following Biological Diversity in that long sentence above the map is The Wetlands Project. Agenda 21 promotes the idea that people should be concentrated in communities and drive them from the rural areas. Communitarianism is an ideology that emphasizes the relationship between the community and the family. Along the lines of it takes a village to raise a child. So follow some of the links from this site and do some homework if you have some concerns. You should worry about the motivation behind this Agenda 21 Map.

If you like reality fiction then read Glenn Beck’s book Agenda 21 and see what it will be like to live in a world where communitarianism exists and the Agenda 21 Map becomes reality.


Agenda 21 pdf Sustainable Development

Your Agenda 21 pdf File: Reality Or Conspiracy?

Agenda 21 pdf Is About Inventory And Control

The Agenda 21 pdf file below describes the action plan by the United Nations to inventory and control your possessions and restrict your freedom.

For years I have felt an underlying motive behind many of the new laws and regulations being forced upon us by our legislators and policy makers.

Agenda 21 pdf  Sustainable Development

They Are After Your Freedom

It wasn’t until very recently that I realized the United Nations Agenda 21  plan for sustainable development was the source of many of these liberty killing ideas. If you think you are now enjoying freedom and liberty you should pay attention to the pot of water in which you are sitting.

The temperature is slowly rising and soon it will be too late for you to jump out.

Caution You Are Entering A Forbidden Agenda 21 pdf  Zone

It’s been happening  so very  very  quietly, with immense  subtlety. It’s almost as if the night shift has been doing all the work. At first the berms developed and then the large boulders were placed in piles along the lake access road as if they had a future use.

Next, a large sign as you enter the access road with instructions telling you you’re not allowed on roads with red dots.You are currently only allowed to travel roads with green dots. As you continue down the road, sure enough, there are the roads with a new post proclaiming a red or green dot to govern your travel.

And not a word from John Q, Public.   Perhaps there’s  a comment between a few people like “What’s going on at the lake access road?” The reply is always something to effect of it being in response to the few idiots out there tearing up the country side on their ATV’s, spoiling it for the rest of us (Do you sense a smokescreen yet?).

Now the large boulders have been distributed to the roads that had the red dots and the sign has changed or is no longer there because there is no need for a sign when you can now only access the roads with no large boulders blocking the entrance.

A claustrophobic feeling begins to ensue. Feeling sort of hemmed in? Who’s making these freedom and liberty restricting decisions and changes?

Few are aware of the information contained in the Agenda 21 pdf file below.

“Is this happening everywhere or just in my county?” Good question. County sheriff’s are the chief law enforcement officers, sworn to defend our constitutional rights. So why aren’t they stand up for the principles of the constitution like  Sheriff Gil Gilbertson of Josephine County Oregon.


Click This Link To Download The pdf File And Share

That’s progression. That’s the progressive movement. Both democrats and republicans are deeply committed to freedom sucking concept of sustainable development  in this Agenda 21 pdf  and many of them openly admit their allegiance.  Share the Agenda 21 pdf